Customer Guide in English



We inspect all of our products very carefully. We basically do not accept any returns that accommodate customer's circumstances. Only if you find defect or you received an item that is different to what you ordered.

・Defective products

Should you get a defective product, we will exchange for a new one, repair it or refund you.
Please contact us in three days after receiving the product.
After three days when you receive the productused product or flawed or stained by the customer cannot be returned.

Examples of defects

・Broken zipper.
・The location of the zipper is upside-down
・Twisted lining material

Examples that are not considered as a defect.

・Some parts are faded or you can see the color of inner lining.
・Leather that is scratched.
・Ripped stitching.

Please contact us first then send a product by COD to the address below.
If there is a problem because of us, we will fix a product and send it back to you but it may take time.

Taguchi Bld. 2kai, Minamisemba, Chuo-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka, 542-0081, Japan