Customer Guide in English


Q: Why does riders of this brand undulate?

A: It is because they are dyed after sewn. The piece-dyed products mean that you make the shape of products first (if it is riders, then we create the shape of riders first), then we dye with the shape itself. The dyeing is done with drum-type machine (please imagine a washing machine).
There are many ways for dyeing, but in fact, it is common to use drum-type machines.
To make the S size of piece-dyed product, we originally make a L size first.
Strictly speaking, as the reduction ratio changes depends on the type of leathers, we sometimes make M size or XL size first. Therefore, such as zips and the leather that was originally made as a L-size became undulated, shrunk to a S-size after dyeing.

Q: Does the cloth without lining such as riders perform color migration?

A: Yes it does.
You can also stop the color migration by using such as color fixing. However, colour fixing will cause the change in the texture of the leather. Rather than using the colour fixing on the backlash, we cherish the texture of leather without using it.If the color migration has happened, please wash it very well. It is not completely, but the colour migration will go more or less. Also the more you wear it, the less colour migration happens. I recommend not to wear white under the leather when you have just bought it.

Q: It is new leather but there is a different texture of leather on it.
A:Yes, it happens, and it is rather the appeal of leather products of Backlash.
As you know, leather is natural material.
Like human's, animal's skins also get scratches while alive.
We, of course, can use undamaged leather to make products. However, if so, what is the point choosing leather, natural material? We will say there is no point. We consider scratches a part of the design, and we believe that makes each product a one of a kind.Same is the reason of textures of leather.Please feel it and enjoy our originalities.

Q:Is there any size difference depending on a product?

A:Yes, there is a size difference depending on a design. Please also note that, even if a same design, there is a size difference between each product due to a flexibility of leather material. However, the difference is just a minor range unlike the M size is same size as S or L size of other designs.We strictly examine qualities of our products, so the difference is within 1cm. A size of pants is slightly different as well, for instance, looser for this design, or tighter for that

Q. Should I go for the tight-fitting or the loose-fitting?

A.This is depend on your preference.
It is actually difficult to say what is tight-fitting without knowing the standard.
Generally, if you are after the clothes make you look slimmer, you should go for tight-fitting, and if you want more comfort clothes, you should go loose-fitting.

Q Arrival date

A. It often arrives our shop late and sometimes arrives earlier.
Most of the time arrival date is behind the original schedule, but sometimes it arrives early.
It occasionally will be in stock two months later than it is suppose to arrive. It occasionally takes 2 months.

Q. What is the difference between S/S and A/W leather jackets?

A.It's basically the same such as thickness of the leather.
There is no difference whether to have lining or not between S/S and A/W.

Q How can I maintain the product?

A.You don't really need to do anything particular such as put some cream on jackes,
but it's part of the fun, isn't it?It would be good to polish boots.

Q .Storage

A.Products are often kept in the storage space in off season, but it might get moldy if you keep them in the sealed place for a long time. Products will last longer if you hang them in the shade or leave them in the fresh air sometimes. Please do not keep them in the plastic bag. If it's been kept in the sealed place for a long time, the gas generated from the product may change the colour. Unwoven fabric bags are good to keep the product if you want to. But the bag is not necessary.

If you have any questions, contact us anytime.