Customer Guide in English

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Things that you think simply cool
Things that make you elevate
Things that you have been looking for
Things that you have never imagined
Things that will be second to none...

Backlash uses leather that is natural material and make products one-by-one by hands.
That means even if a same design, there is a size difference between each product due to a flexibility of leather material.
Little mistakes by handmade make its product more unique, but it will be hard for you to choose sizes.
We could advice you that what size is good for you.

Please also note that leather is from animal's skins that get scratches while alive.
We consider scratches a part of the design, and we believe that makes each product a one of a kind.
Same is the reason of textures of leather.Please feel it and enjoy our originalities.

・History of Calling Backlash

Our specialty Store "People Have The Power" opend in 1998 and dealed in COMPOSITION which was a brand designed by ISAMU KATAYAMA.

ISAMU KATAYAMA started his own brand "ISAMU KATAYAMA BACKLASH" in 2000.

Calling Backlash opened next to People Have The Power in 2005.

We have been acting as authorized distributor of ISAMU KATAYAMA BACKLASH more than ten years.
We have many experiences about that products, so we could give you some good advice.

We check the quality of all products thoroughly.